Do not ground your child because you caught them putting a cigarette flame to their wrist.

Do not discipline your child because they have cuts on their thighs.

Do not threaten to put your child in a mental institution because their only escape is self-harm.

Do not teach your children that if they open up to you about the scars on their bodies, the only thing they will get in return is punishment.

Someone finally said it



im actually really afraid that no one will fall in love with me



when people jokingly pick on u but its something ur sensitive about


My finished tattoo!

My finished tattoo!

To quote the bible—loosely—when I was a child, I spoke like a child, I understood like a child, I thought like a child. But when I became a woman, I put aside childish things. Childhood is over, my girls. Put aside fears, reservations and petty things. Kick ass tomorrow.



"I’m very sorry I trapped us here, I didn’t mean it."
       ”I know.”

People don’t come to see freaks in the heat of the day. They come in the evening. When the darkness moves in and speaks of mystery. The unknown. When logic loosen up its vice grip and the imagination comes out to play. The night allows the stars to shine and we come alive.

"I’m not vain. I’m just recovering from years and years of low self-esteem."
— Why I’m taking so many selfies. (via missmirandaaraee)


if you tell me to calm down when i’m calm i’ll get really mad




I actually did laugh when I saw this in theaters because this is a very real guilt tactic parents use and it’s 100% effective.

It’s called gaslighting

Twelve’s combined bow and tie